Updated Services of Initiation book removes impurity language, woman as ‘murderess’ for miscarriage

A new Services of Initiation book was released March 2017 by the Antiochian Orthodox Institute, LaVerne, CA for use in the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America.  Particularly relating to women, it includes:

  • a translation of an older (8th c?) Greek prayer for First Day prayers that removes former mention of impurity
  • a version of the Churching service that removes impurity language
  • a translation of an older prayer for miscarriage that removes mention of impurity and does not label the woman a “murderess”

The service book is compiled, translated and edited by VRev Michel Najim and the VRev Patrick B. O’Grady and can be purchased here (http://store.antiochianvillage.org/The-Services-of-Initiation.html)