St. Phoebe Officers Announced


AnnMarie Mecera, CHAIR

AnnMarie Mecera, CHAIR

Dr. Caren Stayer, SECRETARY

Caren Stayer,


Gust Mecera, TREASURER

In a meeting held December 10, St. Phoebe board members elected AnnMarie Mecera as Chair; Dr. Caren Stayer as Secretary; and Gust Mecera as Treasurer. AnnMarie and Caren are both founding members of the St. Phoebe Center. Gust’s bio can be found here.

The election of officers comes with plans for the organization to become a non-profit  with 501c3 status. Bylaws are currently being developed; in early 2016, the board hopes to submit its 501c3 application. This move will provide credibility and accountability to the organization and will also allow donations to be tax-deductible.